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Molls and I got invited to check out the Queen Mary Dark Harbor haunted house or houses… There are a bunch of them. 

Molls got scared… really scared… painfully digging her fingernails into anyone she could grab scared. 

What did I think?

This is the best haunted house that I have ever been to. Why? One simple reason: This haunted house is not in a strip mall. It is in and around an old cruise ship. Lots of people die on cruise ships… mainly because more old people go on cruises, but still. 

Seriously, I worked in a haunted house back in Atlanta and it was in an old Burlington Coat Factory Outlet Store. Sure, that is scary to some people, but the engine room of a historic ocean liner is a little better when it comes to setting the mood, and I think we charged around the same price for entry. 

I recommend checking it out. http://queenmary.com

Thanks to my friend Gray Harmon for his help shooting this and shout outs to any and all bloggersizers that were pictured in this but not credited on screen.